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Engine Repairs, Wheel Alignment in Auburn, Maine

Engine repairs of all sizes are possible at Mike Morin's Auto Center in Auburn, Maine. You can also see us for a wheel alignments and brake repairs. Our shop handles a wide variety of auto repairs, and uses an accurate system for diagnostic tests as well.

Engine Repairs:

If somebody has a minor or major engine problem, we will do the repairs. Engine repair work includes:
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Head Gasket Replacement
  • Full Engine Replacement
  • Intake Gasket
  • Timing Belts
Auto Shop Outside - Auburn, ME - Mike Morin's Auto Center

About Engine Replacement

If you plan on putting a used engine in your vehicle, we will find you the best deal. Once we locate the engine, we have you contact them to arrange a drop shipment to us. This cuts out the middle man and saves you money. Better yet, all of the warranties will still be valid.

Wheel Alignments

If you are experiencing tire wear or handling problems, it may be time for an alignment. We will check and set alignment settings to factory specifications. Our alignment machine is state of the art and sets your tires perfectly.


Brake pulsation, squeaky brakes, or similar issues are usually easily corrected. We remove the wheels and diagnose the exact problem to give an estimate. Our crew is always glad to show the customer what is wrong before repairs are done.
Contact us for more information about our repair services in Auburn, Maine.